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Spas & Hot Tubs Treated with other Products... 

Chlorine & Bromine aren't the only methods used to treat spas & hot tubs. 

One system, in & of itself is not necessarily "better" than the other.  What matters most is:

  1. Ease of use.
  2. Personal concerns (skin sensitivities, odor, etc.)
  3. Whether the spa or hot tub is located inside or outside.
  4. Spa usage - how often will it be used & for what purpose

When used properly, all of the systems that Par Pool & Spa offers to you are effective & efficient.  We can help you choose what will work best for your spa or tub and more importantly, you & your family.

Nature2® - Maintaining a spa or hot tub with Nature2® mineral purifying systems requires minimal amounts of chlorine.

Spa Frog® - Spa Frog® mineral purifying systems offer convenience & flexibility with 3 different systems: traditional filter core, inline or floating.

PristineBlue® is a non-chlorine, non-bromine system that is compatible with chlorine.

AquaFinesse - the new, more natural way to purify your spa or hot tub.  Recommended by spa & hot tub users everywhere.

SpaNaturally® - using sphagnum moss to control bio-films, bacteria & scaling in spas & hot tubs.

Ozonators convert regular oxygen to ozone. They LESSEN the amount of chlorine or bromine used but don't eliminate them.

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Par Pool & Spa is developing this site to make it friendly & informative for you.  Please ask us questions or make suggestions so that we can help you & in turn, help others.  Keep in mind that we use the terms "Spa" and "Hot tub" interchangeably; however there are certain differences.

Spa & Hot tub Safety - Do's & Don'ts for everyone's sake

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