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Aqua Finesse, Aquafinesse, natural spa care chemicals

AquaFinesse non-chlorine, non-bromine Hot water care...

Aqua Finesse, Aquafinesse, natural spa care chemicalsTrue one-step spa & hot tub water care.

Easy to maintain.  Easy water balance.

Completely compatible with ionizing or ozone systems.  Great alternative to regular chlorine or bromine systems.

AquaFinesse™ works to eliminate biofilm & scale build-up in your spa's or hot tub's plumbing lines, filter & heater which are the overriding causes for increased chlorine & bromine use; eliminate the bio-film, substantially reduce sanitizer use. 

AquaFinesse™ works to eliminate then control of the biofilm - both the aerobic and anaerobic layers. The bio-film is "fed" by oxygen & nitrogen as well as dissolved organic compounds from bather waste (hair & dead skin cells).

AquaFinesse & biofilm build up

Adds a very mild lavender scent.  No chemical odor.  Compatible with non-oil spa & bath fragrances such as SpaZazz Crystals.

One kit treats a 400 - 500 gallon spa for approximately 3 months.

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Spa & Hot tub Safety - Do's & Don'ts for everyone's sake

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