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Aqua Finesse, Aquafinesse, natural spa care chemicals
AquaFinesse™ non-chlorine, non-bromine Start up...Aqua Finesse, Aquafinesse, natural spa care chemicals

The true one-step spa & hot tub water care.

Easy to maintain.  Minimal water balance needs (yes, you still need to regularly test the water!).

Completely compatible with ionizing or ozone systems.  Great alternative to regular chlorine or bromine systems.

Aqua Finesse™ works to eliminate biofilm & scale build-up in your spa's or hot tub's plumbing lines, filter & heater.  At start up you'll be astonished at how much stuff has been infiltrating your spa's plumbing system (especially spas older than 6 months).

How to use Aqua Finesse (initial start-up or conversion):

  1. Two days before changing the water in the spa, add 1 AquaFinesse SpaClean Puck into the spa (floater, filter area, skimmer, etc).  The water will become VERY cloudy as the SpaClean Puck removes the biofilm build-up throughout the spa & its plumbing system.
  2. Thoroughly rinse & clean the filter cartridge. AquaFinesse Filter Cleaning Tablets will effectively clean filter cartridge of removed bio-film and other waste. If the filter cartridge is older than 1 year, consider starting with a new one.
  3. Drain hot tub completely. Run garden hose for 60 seconds before filling the tub with fresh tap water. (This is to help flush out any biofilm in the garden hose.) Using a tap-water pre-filter dramatically removes unwanted heavy metals metals and other impurities getting you off to a cleaner start.
  4. Shake the bottle of AquaFinesse™ to mix the solution. Pour the correct amount of AquaFinesse™ (as indicated on the bottle) into the water. Use the enclosed measuring cup. Do NOT overdose.
  5. Turn on jets for a minimum of 2 minutes to activate the AquaFinesse™ water care system.
  6. Place (1) sanitizing tablet in the slow-release dispenser, close cap, fill with water and place on top of filter (or in basket). If you do not use the dispenser, the tablet will dissolve much faster & put "too much" chlorine into the spa.

    OR use 1 tablespoon SpaBoss Chlor Aid DiChlor granular chlorine per 400 gallons. Chlorine granules should be used as needed (maintaining a FAC - free available chlorine - level of about 1.0 ppm).

    Check dispenser every week to make sure tablets are still intact. For tubs with functioning ozone or silver ion systems, the use of sanitizing tablets may not be required. The Swimming Pool & Spa industry as well as health professionals recommend maintaining a Free Chlorine level of about 1.0 ppm) to maintain a sanitary environment.
  7. Repeat steps 2 - 4 on the same day every week.
  8. Clean the filter once a week to ensure total sanitation.
  9. Thoroughly clean your filter cartridge with AquaFinesse Filter Cleaner once each month.
  10. Ensure your ozone system is working properly. Perform regular maintenance of your ozone system and consult your dealer if you think it needs repair.
  11. Adjust pH & Total Alkalinity as needed (pH 7.4 - 7.6, TA 100 - 120 ppm). As long as the fill water Calcium Hardness (CH) is over 70 ppm, there is no need to adjust the CH.  AquaFinesse will buffer the water hardness.

One Deluxe AquaFinesse Spa kit treats a 400 - 500 gallon spa for approximately 3 months.

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