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Nature2«, the natural water purifying
alternative for Spas & Hot Tubs. You'll smell & feel the difference.
Nature2 natural mineral spa puifier cartridgeNature2« - General Information

Maintaining a spa or hot tub with Nature2« mineral purifying systems requires minimal amounts of chlorine. 

Both of these "low-chlorine" systems use tiny beads of silver and copper that basically surrounded or encapsulated in ceramic.  Under a microscope, these beads or pellets look like little sponges with lots of nooks & crannies.  As the water passes through them, the water comes in contact with the silver or copper. These are sometimes called ionizers.

Silver is a great "natural" bactericide.  In ancient times, silver coins were often put in barrels of water or jars of wine to keep them "sanitary".  Silver (in the form of ointments) is used today to treat many wounds that otherwise have a difficult time healing.

Copper is a "natural" algicide. Copper has been used to treat algae in swimming pools for decades.  Very small doses of copper are used to prevent or treat algae blooms in ponds, lakes or small reservoirs.  A little typically goes a long way.

The ceramic beads or pellets that contain the silver or copper, are terrific filters, filtering the water as it passes through down to about 1 micron (the size of large bacteria).  When combined with low, regular doses of chlorine or bromine, you've got good easy to maintain spa or hot tub water.

Cense oxygen infused aromatherapy from Nature2 & Zodiac Island Pleasures, Simple Rituals, Quiet Escape & Divine Secrets spa careWeekly "shocking" with a non-chlorine shock such as Nature2 Cense (oxidizer plus a gentle fragrance) keeps spa & hot tub water looking & feeling clean.  Par Pool & Spa also recommends a regular (at least once each month) chlorine shock to work as  back-up in case of heavy bather loads.

These ionizing cartridges have a typical life of about 3 to 4 months.  So whenever you change the water, just throw out the cartridge & replace it.

Compare these ionizing systems to other hot water care products.

Here's what to do:

Nature2« Start Up -  easy start up for your ionizing system

Nature2« Maintenance

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