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Spa Frog« Mineral Spa Care
for use in all Spas & Hot Tubs.

Spa Start-Up (first time or upon drain/refill)

  1. Fill spa or hot tub with water. If the spa has been standing empty for any period of time without being treated, it is recommended that prior to filling the spa, add a spa plumbing line cleaner (such as Spa System Flush, Swirl Away, Spa Purge or AquaFinesse Spa Cleaner) to clean the spa's plumbing lines. Follow the label directions. 

    This will help provide a more successful experience - biofilms can build-up even when not being in use (Did you ever leave a thermos or cooler with a little bit of liquid in closed up for a period of time? Same problem).  A fill, purge, drain & refill is worth the extra time & effort. 

  2. Add 1.0 oz. SpaGuard« Stain & Scale Control per 300 gallons of spa water.

  3. Allow to heat up to desired temperature, remember - no more than 104░F for your safety.

  4. Once filled, start your equipment following the manufacturer's instructions.

  5. Add 1.0 oz. SpaGuard« Water Clarifier per 300 gallons.  Circulate for about
    5 minutes.

  6. Using a BioGuard«/SpaGuard« Test Strip, test for Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness & pH.

  7. Balance the Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness (if using SpaGuard« Spa Sentry, DO NOT adjust Calcium Hardness) & pH of the spa water as needed.  Click here for water balancing parameters & information.**

  8. Apply SpaGuard« Enhanced Shock according to label instructions.  Establish a proper chlorine residual of 1.0 ppm chlorine.

  9. Add 1.0 oz. SpaGuard« Natural Spa Enzyme per 100 gallons of spa water.

  10. Insert Spa Frog« Cartridge properly into filter cartridge as shown in the illustration below.

For Regular Maintenance, click here

To Purchase Spa Frog« products mentioned, click here

** Special Note:
If using SpaGuard
« Spa Sentry, DO NOT balance the Calcium Hardness.  Spa Sentry will take care of this.  Also, DO NOT turn on the spa or hot tub's heater until the water has cleared through filtration or add Spa Sentry AFTER the water has reached its normal operating temperature.

Spa & Hot tub Safety - Do's & Don'ts for everyone's sake

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