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"Exotic" Spa Care Issues & Questions...

"Exotic" Spa Care issues may sound a little dramatic, but there

are some things that just don't fall into the normal range of spa & hot tub care.  Actually, some are pretty "natural" - or at least they can occur naturally!  We hope you find the information understandable & useable.

One of the nice things about dealing with theses issues in a spa or hot tub is that in most cases, you can treat the problem

Chloramines & Chlorine Demand - root causes & why you don't want these buggers in your spa or hot tub

Skin Rashes - most are totally preventable.  With the right care, they are preventable.  Learn more.

White Water Mold & Pink Slime - these 2 problems usually go hand in hand.  You definitely don't want them in your spa or hot tub.  Learn how they get there & what to do to get rid of them.

Biofilm - the source of spa & hot tub water care problems and more

"Hot Tub Lung" - it may not be normal coughing & wheezing.

Spa & Hot tub Odors - don't cover them up with fragrances, get rid of them!

Cloudy water - there's no single reason why.

Why you need to Purge & Drain your Spa on a regular basis.

Spa & Hot tub Safety - Do's & Don'ts for everyone's sake

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