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General Spa Care Questions...

How Often do I need to drain my Spa...

Draining your spa or hot tub is a very important factor in caring for your spa, the spa's components & more importantly, the people using the spa. 

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Draining & refilling too often is a waste of your time & the valuable resource of water.  Not draining & refilling often enough will lead to hot water care problems which can lead to excessive bacterial growth which can lead to skin rashes, possible ear infections, "hot tub lung" & other physical health related conditions.

If the spa has been standing empty for any period of time without being treated, it is recommended that prior to filling the spa, add a spa plumbing line cleaner (such as Spa System Flush, Swirl Away, Spa Purge or AquaFinesse Spa Cleaner) to clean the spa's plumbing lines. Follow the label directions.  This will help provide a more successful experience - biofilms can build-up even when not being in use (Did you ever leave a thermos or cooler with a little bit of liquid in closed up for a period of time? Same problem).  A fill, treat, drain & refill is worth the extra time & effort. 

The formula is pretty simple:

1. Find the number of gallons in the spa.

2. Divided the gallons by the average daily bather load (for example, 3 bathers, 2 times per week would equal approximately 1).

3. Then divide that number by 3 to get your answer (in days).

First example: a spa or hot tub with 300 gallons of water that is used by 2 people twice each day 5 - 7 days (equals bather load of 4) 
300 ¸ 4 = 75 ¸ 3 = 25 days or about once per month.

Second example: a spa or hot tub with 300 gallons of water that is used by 2 people once each day 5 - 7 days (equals bather load of 2) 
300 ¸ 2 = 150 ¸ 3 = 50 days or about once every 2 months.

This formula is not concrete, HOWEVER it is a good guideline to follow.  Depending on how much the spa is used directly determines how often it needs to be drained & refilled.  It may seem like a lot but consider this:  if you were soaking in a bathtub every night, how often would you drain & refill the tub?  Every time you used it, right? Right!

Remember that most commercial spas need to drain & refill their spas at least once per week!  Or they should!

A good tell tale sign that a spa's water needs to be changed is the water is very foamy and the antifoam your adding has minimal effect and/or the water doesn't smell clean.  When in doubt, drain it out.  It may seem like a pain, but your health & safety is our first concern.

Learn more about WHY you need to regularly purge, drain & refill your spa or hot tub (even jetted bath tub).

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