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General Spa Care Questions...

Why do I need to drain my Spa...

Purging, Draining & Refilling your spa or hot tub is a very important factor in caring for your spa, the spa's components & more importantly, the people using the spa.

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Many spa & hot tub water problems start from a lack of proper maintenance; especially drain & refilling. But it's just a little more than that. We are answering a LOT of questions dealing with slime, spa mold (WWM) & bio-films lately.

Keep in mind that these problems are preventable. Also keep in mind that normal maintenance including shocking & water balance will have almost no effect. The fact is shocking with tons of chlorine, bromine or hydrogen peroxide WILL NOT do a good job killing it, never mind removing it.

WWM grows & thrives on an underlying "bed" of bio-film. And even bio-film is VERY chlorine/bromine resistant. The only way to deal with the WWM is to use a product such as Spa Purge or Swirl Away or AquaFinesse Spa Clean Tablet or Spa System Flush or SpaBoss Whirlpool Rinse  to attack & remove the biofilm. Here's some further information regarding bio-films & white water mold.

Follow these 3 Steps whenever you Drain & Refill your spa:

1. Add the Spa Purge, Swirl Away, AquaFinesse Spa Clean Tablets or Whirlpool Rinse to the spa. Allow to run overnight, about 12 hours or so. These products will aid in removing the existing bio film. Don't be surprised if the water gets NASTY looking.

2. Drain & physically clean all fittings, pillows, skimmer & filter areas, etc.

3. Refill the spa.

In a bad or serious case of WWM, it may be a good idea to repeat the procedure. That way you can start off clean. Biofilms will re-grow, so whenever you drain & refill the spa, you'll need to purge the plumbing lines where all of that stuff grows.

By the way, the picture to the left is a brand new spa (from a friend in Minnesota). Never used, but sat in inventory for about 6 months! Even new spas should be filled, purged, cleaned, drained & refilled before initial use. These simple steps will provide you the best hot water experience you can have.

There is no real way to prevent bio-film growth, unless you are supplementing the spa care with AquaFinesse or SpaNaturally. Both products have good field & clinical proof of preventing & removing bio-films.

Chlorine, bromine will both be absorbed by the bio-films. Ionizers like Spa Frog or Nature 2 have no effect. Biguanides like Baqua Spa or Soft Soak will only "adhere" to the bio-film.

There is no easy fix and you've got to be aggressive against it.

Here's information on how often to purge, drain & refill your spa.

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