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general spa care questions Start your spa or hot tub the right way How to maintain a spa or hot tub The basics of spa & hot tub water chemistry Compare chlorine, bromine, soft soak, baqua spa, nature2, spa frog, aquafinesse, pristine blue, ozonators how to buy the spa hot tub chemicals you need, spaguard, soft soak, spa frog, nature2, aqaufinesse, pristine blue Spa & Hot tub Safety general spa care questions, hot tub chemical care, how to start a spa, compare chemical systems, buy spa & hot tub chemicals
General Spa Care Questions...

Water Chemistry Basics of Spas & Hot tubs...


Glossary of water care terms - a helpful, alphabetical listing of the terms we use to describe products, problems & cures

Importance of properly balanced spa & hot tub water - yes, the pH does matter!  So does the total alkalinity, total dissolved solids & other factors

pH of Rain Water - depending on where you live in the United States, the pH rain water varies

US Map of Water Hardness - where you live can make a huge difference as to how to treat your spa.  Now you can know if have hard water or not.

Comparison chart of Spa & Hot tub care chemicals & systems.

6 Keys of Spa Care - learn the 6 Keys to simple Spa & Hot tub care.

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