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Every week we get some great questions emailed to us. 

Questions about cloudy pool water, algae, stains, how to operate a filter, etc.  Some of the questions are complex, some are simple.  We've assembled them in various categories to make them easier to read.  Some of the questions & answers are duplicated into other categories because they deal with more than one concern.  Click on the links to go to that category.  We're sure that you'll find an answer.  If not, please email us or call us.  There's always someone here to help.

General Spa & Hot tub Chemical Care

Chlorine & Bromine Chemical Care

General Soft Soak, Baqua Spa or Biguanide Care

Questions about ionizers (Nature2 or Spa Frog)

Pink Slime & White Water Mold in Spas & Hot Tubs

General Water Balance in Spas & Hot Tubs

How often do I need to drain my Spa

Why do I need to drain & refill my Spa


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