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SpaGuard Soft Soak non chlorine spa chemicals, Soft Soak Sanitizer, Soft Soak Shock, Soft Soak Stain & Scale, Soft Soak Spa Conditioner, Soft Soak Filter CleanerHere's where you come to learn almost everything you need to successfully operate a spa with PHMB (biguanide) products such as SpaGuard« Soft Soak«, BaquaSpa« or Leisure Time« Free. 

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Par Pool & Spa has developed this site to make it friendly & informative for you.  Please ask us questions or make suggestions so that we can help you & in turn, help others.  Please keep in mind that we use the terms "spa" and "Hot tub" interchangeably; however there are certain differences.

How to Convert your Spa to Soft Soak - when converting from chlorine or bromine, follow this list for the best results

How to Open or Start a Soft Soak Spa  - a general checklist & step-by-step list for starting your spa or Hot tub

How to Maintain a Soft Soak Spa - what to do on a regular basis to keep your spa or hot tub sparkling clean, crystal clear & beautiful.  Let's also add economical!  Avoid problems like cloudy water & even skin rashes that keep you from getting the most from your spa or hot tub.

How to Close or Winterize a Pool - if you're looking at shutting down for a few months, here's what to do.

Water Chemistry Basics - All of the basics you need know about Spa & hot tub water chemistry & the importance of water balance.

General Maintenance - just the little things that we often forget that make all of the difference to a great soaking experience!

Special Concerns - here's some valuable information that we have gleaned over the years with hundreds of Soft Soak customers around the country.  You'll find the information useful.

General Operating Questions - some of the "tricks of the trade" when it comes to the heart of your spa or hot tub

Spa & Hot tub Safety - Do's & Don'ts for everyone's sake

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